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New York

Quantum computing isn’t just unitary, it’s open source!

The Unitary Fund is proud to host our first quantum open source hackathon with SWAG and BOUNTIES on May 14-30th!

  • 💰 Over $2K in bounties for tagged issues in quantum open source projects

  • 💿 Digital swag for all participants that make approved Pull Requests (PR)s

  • 🎁 Random participants that make 1 quality Pull Request (PR)s to a participating open source project will receive a swag pack in the mail!*

You can find some tips on how to prepare for the hackathon in our hacker guide as well as the hackathon rules, and you can always ask questions of the Unitary Fund team on our Discord, and make sure to check out our code of conduct.

Are you a maintainer?

We would love to support your quantum open source project by connecting eager hackers to issues you need help with! Check out our maintainer guide

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